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Birth Education Class

Tuesdays, August 16th, 23rd, & 30th

7-9 PM - Hales Corners Office

$275 per couple


Everything you will need to know about the birthing and recovery process!

childbirth education class

Join us for our 3-week Birth Education Series for expecting parents. Each class will cover important information about what to expect during labor, delivery, and through the postpartum experience.

This course is taught by Dr. Jennifer Klauer, PT, DPT, a Women's Health Specialized Physical Therapist and a Trained Doula.

The class will consist of three, 2-hour lectures held on Tuesday nights from 7-9 PM at our Hales Corners location.

What You'll Learn

In this class, we will focus on all aspects of the birthing experience. This will include:

  • Knowledge about the different signs and stages of labor
  • Labor positions and natural pain management strategies
  • Different strategies to include your partner during labor and delivery
  • Learn how to protect your pelvic floor during delivery
  • Strategies to optimize your postpartum recovery

This isn't your typical Birth Class

Not only will you learn all of the tools necessary to have a positive birth experience, but you will get so much more from this! Dr. Jennifer Klauer, a Pelvic Floor Specialized Physical Therapist and Trained Doula, is passionate about educating women on how to prepare their bodies for delivery. Not only will this help make the labor and delivery process go smoothly but it will also improve your postpartum recovery experience. Whether you're planning to deliver in a hospital, at home, or at a birth center - this class will empower you to have the best birthing experience possible and feel confident and prepared for it!

Client Testimonial

"I started doing pelvic floor PT at Revitalize to prepare for birth and recovery after birth. Dr. Jennie is very knowledgeable, friendly, and makes me feel very comfortable. So far I’ve had a very positive experience! Would recommend every pregnant woman look into pelvic floor PT!"

- Angela R

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11951 W. Janesville Road, Suite E

Hales Corners, WI 53130

Cost is $275 per couple

Dr Jennie

Meet Dr. Jennie Klauer from Revitalize Physical Therapy

Dr. Jennifer Klauer, PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist who earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. Dr. Jennie has completed advanced coursework in pelvic floor treatment, visceral release, vascular release, and is also a trained doula. Dr. Jennie has been a part of the Revitalize Physical Therapy Research Study on the effects of pelvic floor treatment during the 3rd trimester to improve the quality of care that mothers receive during and after pregnancy.

Dr. Jennie is passionate about providing her patients with the care and the tools they need to stay healthy and active. Seeing the immense impact of pelvic floor physical therapy in her patient’s lives has made this work very rewarding for her. Her goal is to empower women to take control of their health and their bodies as they go through all stages of life. In her free time, Dr. Jennie enjoys reading, practicing yoga, and traveling with her husband.

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